These are the people in your neighborhood Edit

Herein you will find the characters we love and hate in the wild, wacky city of Autumn Bay.
Matthew Allenson (Pogo)
Jamie Anderson
Kevin Archer
Dr. Gabrielle Armstrong
James Bennet
Mercy Black
Heather Blake
Andrew Chapel
Ezekiel Corvus
WIKI - Cramer, Adam
Adam Cramer
"Mama" Genevieve Delacroix
Emily Donovan
John Donovan (Johnny)
WIKI - Esmond, Stephen

Stephen Esmond

WIKI - Forrest, Eric ('Ghoul')
Eric "Ghoul" Forrest
WIKI - Gallows, Calliope

Calliope Gallows (Callie)

Christine Geist (Cricket)
Yuri Ishimoto
Special Agent Thomas Johnson
Felicia Kingsley
Carter Lake
Marie-Ange Lebeau
Frank Logan
Ethan Macginnis
Stephanie Mackenzie (Mack)
Sarah Marshall
Wendy Miller
Cameron Morgan (Dreads)
Donna Morgan
Elliot Morgan (Geek)
Dr, Thea Morgan
Dr. Simon Nestor
Althea North
Benjamin Norton (Benny)
Amy Parker
Robert Parthenios (Midnight)
Sarah Sophia Peterson (Sophie)
April Anne Price
Dr. Charles Sandros
Luna Schmidt
Elizabeth Weber (Betty)
Eddie West
Hayley West
Megan Watts
Vincent Whateley
Eileen Winston
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