These are the people in your neighborhood Edit

Herein you will find the characters we love and hate in the wild, wacky city of Autumn Bay.
WIKI - Bishop, Lt Jack
WIKI - Bishop, Jackie
WIKI - Bishop, Jackie 2
Lt. Jack Bishop /Jackie Bishop
WIKI - Chapel, Andrew
WIKI - Chapel, Andrew - cat

Andrew Chapel

WIKI - Chapel, Edward

Edward Chapel

WIKI - Corvus, Ezekiel
Ezekiel Corvus
WIKI - Deacon, Dr. James - future
WIKI - Deacon, Dr. James
Dr. James Deacon
WIKI - Donovan, Emily
Emily Donovan
WIKI - Donovan, Johnny - future
WIKI - Donovan, Johnny
Johnny Donovan
WIKI - Forrest, Eric 'Ghoul'
Eric "Ghoul" Forrest
WIKI - Johnson, Special Agent Thomas 001
WIKI - Johnson, Special Agent Thomas 002
WIKI - Johnson, Special Agent Thomas 003
Special Agent Thomas Johnson
WIKI - Kingsley, Felicia 001
WIKI - Kingsley, Felicia 002
Felicia Kingsley
WIKI - Knight, Falchionne
Falchionne Knight
WIKI - Lake, Carter
Carter Lake
WIKI - Lebeau, Marie-Ange 001
WIKI - Lebeau, Marie-Ange 002
Marie-Ange Lebeau
WIKI - Nesariel 001
WIKI - Nestor, Dr. Simon
Dr. Simon Nestor
WIKI - North, Althea 001
WIKI - North, Althea 002
WIKI - North, Althea 003
Althea North
WIKI - Parthenios, Robert 'Midnight'
Robert "Midnight" Parthenios
WIKI - Sandros, Dr. Charles
Dr. Charles Sandros
WIKI - Shelby, Director Corbin
Director Corbin Shelby
WIKI - Whateley, Vincent
Vincent Whateley

Characters from other webcomics that have appeared in Autumn Bay Edit