First Appearance: 00007 - Assemble

 Description Edit

Age: 23

Height: 5'7" (170 m)

Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)

Hair: Grey with dyed red streaks

Eyes: Grey

Race: Caucasian

Gender Identity and Sexuality: Cis-female heterosexual

The Life and Times of Falchionne Knight Edit

Falchionne Knight was a consummate latchkey kid, left mainly to her own devices. Her mom was a single mother, left that way in the wake of a particularly destructive attack on her grandfather's tech firm that claimmed her father's life. She always had a troublesome streak and an affinity for computers and technology. These two things led to her honing her skills as an elite hacker.

She lived on easy street until one night, when she was drinking Red Bull and vodka and bragging to her friends about her abilities. On a dare, she hacked into Homeland Security servers, but her inebriated state led to what she termed a "rookie mistake".

Facing extreme jail time and the likelihood that she would no longer be allowed to even touch her beloved computers, she jumped at the chance to trade prosecution for service to Homeland Security, working as part of Bishop's team. She openly disdains her teammates, but secretly respects each of them. The vast majority of her venom is aimed at the team's expert on the esoteric, Althea North.