Description Edit

Age: 32

Height: 5'8" (1.73 m)

Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Race: Caucasian

Gender Identity and Sexuality: Cis-female bisexual

The Life and Times of Felicia Kingsley Edit

Felicia always wanted to be a reporter, and got involved in her school newspapers at William Jenkins High School and Jefferson University. It was while reporting on a story at Jenkins that she first caught a glimpse at the bigger picture of what was REALLY going on.

Her first "real world" job was working for a tabloid called The Inquisitive, which "reported" stories of alien abduction, Elvis sightings, chupacabras, and the like. Her stories always began with a grain of truth, though she was seldom privy to the larger picture. To say this bothered her greatly is an understatement.

During a reporter's convention (which she was barely able to attend), she met a veteran reporter named Martin Ambrose. He took a liking to the young reporter, and took her under his wing. When he was sure she was ready, he called in a favor and got her a job at the Autumn Bay Herald. He also introduced her to a long-time friend and contact of his named Frank Logan.

Felicia was on hand in New Jersey to cover the protests surrounding the arrest of Tona Zehm, and witnessed the death of attorney Darrell Lakedaemon (which made her a target for Maerc Security Ventures, commonly known as MSV).

She later traveled to Los Angeles to enlist the aid of her friend and colleague Dr. Sam Christianos in locating his friend (and known terrorist) Eric Macdonald.

Back in Autumn Bay, she was nearby (incognito) when Augustus Alexander was attacked by a pair of drones. Shortly afterward, she met (and ended up spending the night with) Tona Zehm, who was in town as the Deputy Media Relations Director for the Trump 2016 campaign.

In looking for Eric Macdonald, Felicia eventually made her way to Spoon Lake, Wisconsin, looking for Tona. After spending a very... interesting... night with Ms. Zehm, she was chased by MSV agents and rescued by Mr. Macdonald.

After a long trip involving a lot of rambling and cheap whiskey (at the very least) from Eric, the pair was in Crystal City, VA, where Felicia received Eric's spin concerning Liberty International. She did not believe him, and was on hand to witness his destruction of Maerc Group headquarters (an event which sparked a minor war between MSV and Aegis Securitech).

Eric's suggestion lead her to Los Angeles and the wedding of Elliot Maerc and Sonja Semianovna/Katya Scherbatskaya. She was discovered and beaten by MSV agents, only to be rescued by Captain Happy.

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