The New Revolution Knights (NRK) don't consider themselves a gang. In their minds, they are the "direct action manifestation of societal change" or however they are currently justifying their intermittent campaign of vandalism and aggravated assault. Additionally, they aren't likely to be pulled into an outright fight over territory, but will definitely break bones if another "urban organization" defaces or removes their tags, which they freely place throughout Autumn Bay.

Known members: Alias "Jester" (Leader); Alias "Loki"; Alias "Coyote"; Alias "Chac"

Suspected associates: Tara Knight

Allied with: international anarchist groups

Tools of the Trade

Opposed to: All forms of "Alt Right" organizations; law enforcement; corporate security; sometimes other gangs.

Tags: (place photo here) Black block letters "NRK", sometimes supplemented by ambiguous anarchistic slogans: "Stand or Die" "Abolish Wage Slavery" "Throw Off Your Chains" etc.