Tona Zehm

Tona Zehm is an Iraq War veteran running for the Wisconsin State Assembly's 101st district.

Ms. Zehm's diverse set of life experiences include national media at Fox News and a in-depth law enforcement background via the Department of Agriculture. Her lobbying efforts in 2016 led directly to Maerc Group International's selection of Spoon Lake for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle pre-assembly facility. She has also accompanied Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on an international trade mission to Japan.

As a junior lieutenant in Iraqi Freedom she and Staff Sergeant T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson associated with Jack Bishop in Baghdad.

(Tona Zehm is a character in the webcomics Let It Ride and Holding Pattern, and appears courtesy of her creator.)

As of 2018, Tona Zehm is deceased.

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